Womens are cruel

I always ask myself why womens are so selfish and heartless. Only their perspective count. You cannot intellectually show them that they are wrong or not logic. At the same time, they show almost no empathy for mens. My ex betrayed me. I feel like my wife will betray me someday. She says things that convince me that she will not respect my limits. I asked her to become a hotwife (have s** with other mens infront of me). She first seemed happy. Then, she argue that it could be bad for me, for the way that I perceive her. So she refuse to sleep with other mens only because it could affect the way that I perceive her (she also mention religion, as an excuse). So, I believe that she prefer to have s** with other mens in my back and hide it like an hypocrite. Then, she explain to me that she would not respect my limits if she slept with other mens anyway. For her, a p**** is a p****. She say that if she feel a lot of desire for a men, that if I tell her that I dont want her to sleep with that men it means that I do not realy do it for her pleasure, but for my pleasure. Even if it would hurt me, she prefer to still have s** with the guy (a guy that I don't like). Then, I became all suicidal by the thought that she doesn't care to break my heart (because if i said no dont sleep with that one, she would still do it). She then try to blame me for a lot of things. She say that I am pervert, that I disobey God, that I dont respect her for asking her to sleep with other mens. No, I want her pleasure and happiness. She say that I dont realy want her happiness because I put limits and because I say no to few mens. Just, she twist everything in a negative way and she try to hurt me. She say that she said all that because she want to turn me off about the topic. I think that she would have s** with a guy that I dont appreciate, or someone who stole me money or something like that. She would do it, for her pleasure and her pleasure only, regardless of my emotions. She deny that. She say that its false. She pretend to not want to have s** with other mens. She say that I do not respect her because of that offer I did. She is torturing me. What should I believe ? Is she manipulating me ? I am always the bad guy, if we listen to her words. All these problems just because I said "I want you to have s** with other guys infront of me, but I have limits that I want you to respect, like you can't have s** with someone I dont want to and also you need my autorisation every time to make sure that I am not hurt in the process."

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