Me and my cousin

My name is Beatriz, Bea for short and I live in Central America. From early in my childhood I knew I was in love with girls. I confessed that to my cousin and he told me that he wanted to see me kiss a girl, to prove it to him. We were in the sixth grade and it wasn't until a year later at a party we were both at that I kissed a girl in front of him. The girl kissed back, I had kissed her before and she knew she was being kissed for him to watch. It was very exciting, I suppose erotic, and in addition to kissing her I held her breast in my hand and made sure he could see me feel her up.

My cousin became aggressive with me the next time he saw me. We were at my house and he wanted me to kiss him. He felt me up pretty aggressively, including pushing his hand down my pants. I don't know where I knew that there was only one end to this so I gave up and let him kiss me, feel me up, finger me, undress me and consummate with me. He had his way two times that afternoon, the second time I completely surrendered to him and I had my first true intercourse experience. I acted like I was upset with him and told him not to do that again, but I didn't get dressed or cover up. We sat naked on the bed and I let him touch me all he wanted and look at me. He got encouraged again and this time I bent down and performed oral s** on him. All in all we were naked on the bed together for several hours. Only after a long, long kiss did we get dressed.

That was the beginning of a life long sexual relationship with my cousin. As an adult I found my need for a close relationship with a woman overwhelming and I met my life partner while I was still in my twenties. I told her about my cousin so she wouldn't be surprised. When he comes calling I open the door for him, I am waiting and willing and full of desire to be with him. I like being naked with him, I like to love softly on his p****. I like for him to be aggressive and strong. I love intercourse, long intercourse sessions. My partner is not left to one side, if she wants to join she is welcome but it's her decision every time. She is free to join him in intercourse too. She gave up pretending a long time ago, intercourse is the ultimate sexual experience and why shouldn't she enjoy that too.

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