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My wife's little sister is a very attractive young woman, She is considerably younger than I but man is she nice to look at, Last week she was at our house helping us pack up some boxes as we are moving to a new house. It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere just having a few drinks packing boxes as I would load them on the trailer.
I had received a call from a friend asking me to go to his place and help him with something and we ended up having a beer after, When I got home there was a stack of boxes by the stairs and my wife's sister was laying on the living room floor while my wife sat on the couch, When I walked in my wife said "### hurt her back", I asked how and she said she twisted while putting a box down and felt a pop then couldn't stand up.
I did a massage therapy course in college many many years ago (I am 40) but my wife asked if I would just check her out, I have no medical training and am not a chiropractor but for whatever reason my wife thought I would be able to fix her so I agreed to take a look. My wife helped her up off the floor and into our room Then I heard her ask my wife to help her take off her shirt.
It wasn't necessary but I wasn't going to argue so I said nothing then as my wife walked into the living room I heard her say "Yeah I'll tell him", She came in and told me her sister was ready so i went into the bedroom, She was laying face down and had no top on, I walked up and started asking her where it hurt and so on and as I ran my hands across her back I did actually feel a knot in her muscle so I worked it a bit. Laying there in just jean shorts she looked amazing, She has large b****** and they were squishing out the sides and her bum looked great, She has very nice legs and i quite enjoyed looking at her like that, when she was feeling better I left so she could get dressed and then in the morning she texted my wife from the bedroom and said she needed help.
My wife came and got me and said "### needs you" so I went to see what was going on and her back was so stiff she had gotten to the point of sitting up but was in pain and asked if i could work her back over a bit again, I said sure and my wife had gone upstairs to look after the kids, Again I left the room so she could get ready and when she called I went back in, I had taken a bath towel with me since she had asked me to bring her one, I walked in and she was laying on her stomach with the sheets up to her waist, She asked for the towel and I handed it to her then turned around.
When she said she was ready I turned to face her and she had pulled the covers off and covered her butt with the towel but had not done a great job and half of one butt cheek was showing, Like i said her b****** are quite large but they are large and hang so while putting her towel on which I assume was not an easy task in her condition she had one b*** out to the side and her nipple showing, I sat on the bed beside her right knee and from the angle i was at i could see that she had nothing on under the towel, As the wife later explained she probably didn't have any underwear on when she went to bed and being she was wearing a nightgown didn't have much of an option other than to just cover her butt. Anyway I had a pretty good line of sight and she had not covered up as well as she thought she did so I didn't say anything but started massaging her and worked her lower back where it hurt, She was obviously focusing on the pain and not on the towel because I was able to grab it with my thumb and slide it up even a bit more as I massaged her leaving most of one cheek, Her butt hole and her vag from behind on display, She didn't have her legs spread but they were not tight together, About a six inch gap at the knee so just enough that her inner thighs were just about touching but being in as nice of shape as she is her thigh gap left her vag fully exposed. I have to say my wife looks good from that angle but her sister looks pretty much perfect, Not a single hair around either hole, No inner l**** hanging out (My wife's just peek out from that position), Tiny little tight looking vag and a cute little pink butt hole that is basically perfect and one big, Soft b*** showing with her big, Pink areola with quite a large pink nipple visible. I was super scared my wife would come in and see what was going on and freak but I could hear her in the kitchen making breakfast and talking to the kids but I worked her over and she said she was feeling somewhat better so when I stood up I kind of fixed the towel as best I could without making it obvious and left the room.
Unfortunately I had been wearing just my sweats and I tried to sneak back to our room to change but as I rounded the corner my wife was right there, I had an obvious erection and she stopped, Looked right at it then at me and squinted her eyes, I shuffled past her and she stared at me the whole way as I walked to the bedroom, I showered and changed and when I came back nothing was said, Her sister left that afternoon and thanked me for making her back better which by the next morning she said she was able to get out of bed on her own and by lunch time it felt much better and each day after was a little better but anyway that evening my wife and I put the kids to bed and were sitting in the living room when she finally brought it up.
She turned and looked at me saying "Soooo.....Um, What was up with you coming out of my sisters room with a full h******?", I cleared my throat and thought about trying to talk my way out of it and trying to sluff it off as morning wood but then changed my mind and decided to give her a somewhat adjusted version of the truth. I told her what I had seen and she was shocked, She said "What the f**k, why didn't you say something?", I explained, "like what?, Hey your vag is showing? Isn't it better that since I already seen it that I just left well enough alone and now she is not embarrassed about it and it doesn't have to be a big awkward thing between me and her?", She said "Something was big and awkward...And...So...You couldn't wait, You had to run to the shower right after?, Huh?" I just shook my head and explained that it was just my morning shower and nothing more and she replied that was not true being I never shower until I have had breakfast and a couple cups of coffee so finally I said "Yeah...Ok...Whatever...I jerked off in the shower..." and just shrugged, I thought she would be angry but she said "Ok...Well, don't try to bullshit me about it just tell the truth" and after a few minutes she paused the tv and looked at me saying "Ok..." waving her hands at me, I said "Ok what?" and she asked me for details, I shook my head and said "Oh go away, I am not talking to you about your sisters vag and b***" She said "Just get it out of your system right now, What does it look like" so I decided to tell her, i told her that her sisters vag is beautiful and her butt hole is super nice, Smooth and pink and I embellished a bit on the b*** and told her it was great when it's not really what I am into, My wife is considerably smaller and I like hers.
After I finished she seemed to relax about it but I actually got some that night and after she said "So, Did you think about my sister the whole time?' and has pretty much brought it up every time we have had s** since, I try to assure her I only think about her during s** and she usually says "Oh, Yeah, I bet", Whatever I guess she will get over it sooner or later.

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