It happened like this

I arrived tired from the flight from the east coast, I showered and looked for something to drink in the minibar. Only beer. I wanted a drink, I walked out of the hotel and down the street. I found a bar and walked in. I ordered a martini and sat at the bar.

a man walked in, the local time was after midnight. He sat alone so I walked over and asked if he wanted company. We talked about nothing, I touched his d*** and asked if he wanted to come to my hotel. He was mid fifties, an alcoholic, he had a nice enough d***, I sucked him and he got hard.

He sucked my d*** reluctantly. He wanted a drink so I gave him a beer out of the minibar fridge. He opened up about his habit, he assured me he wasn't gay. Sure, I'm not gay either, I just f*** men. He took the f******, and got dressed. I asked him if he wanted to spend the night. He cuddled up naked.

He was more willing to suck my d***, he told me again he wasn't gay. He sucked with purpose, he was into it, he told me he had sucked his first c*** in the forth grade. I like to shower with a man, lather up his d***, his a***. Lick him in the shower. I was particularly h**** that night, I like a middle aged man, he had a nice d***.

I licked him, he liked that. Back on the bed I f***** him again, this time he surrendered completely, he wanted me to take it slow, I took it slow. His ass was tight enough. The taste of his a*** still in my mouth, I gave in to the pleasure, I kissed him. He was surprised, but he gave in and kissed back. I went back to f****** him, he was really into it and so was I. I really enjoyed it.

We slept hard, his body beside me was warm. I felt like kissing him again. In the morning I told him to go home. A lonely man, who's gay, and cannot accept it. Nice man.

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