My boyfriend can't satisfy me sexual

I was married to a father of my 2 children and only thing good about him was that i enjoyed s** with him, he has a big p**** and he knows how to use it. After divorce i got another guy with so much care, love, and he has enough money to spoil me. the problem is he can't do anything when we making love, his p**** is so small than my thumb he can't even reach me,he can see that i'm suffering from lacking s** then he'd use his fingers wich i hate most. I'm human most of all i'm a woman with feelings,i want a really man like my ex with larger and taller p****, but this guy loves me for sure then again i don't want to mix men probabry going back to my ex because i know his capacity in s**. how i wish my boyfriend can get p**** like my ex !!!! sometimes when my ex comes to pick our children up to his house i feel like wanting s** from him even attempt to kiss him while my privare area is ready to do something. Ohh don't think i still love him h*** no, but because my guy can't make me feel like a woman, that's why i get these attempts. i have everthing, house, car, well maintained, money, name it but without a good s** i feel so incomplete, my ex was only man i knew sexually and this boyfriend of mine.i have no experience of different men but my ex was all any woman want from only s**.

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