My 1st incest experience

It all started when I was 12. I lived next door to  my aunt and uncle who have two daughters. Lina who's 14and her sister Lana who's 10.We grow up very close and did everything together. My experience began with Lana. We started to play " I show you mine if you show me yours " this went on from what I remember about a year without Lina ever knowing. Our game eventually turned into "touch mine if I can touch yours " One day Lana and I were playing our special game in her bedroom when  Lina storms into her bedroom  " AH HA ! I caught you two ! I knew it you two are messing around! I just want to know why you didn't invite me to play! " With that said she takes her clothes off and joins us on the bed . The 3 of us played with each other anytime we got a chance...i eventually find my brothers p*** stash with magazines and videos and right away tell my cousins...we first started with the magazines as we had to wait for the right time to watch the videos.  Looking at p*** pics we started to mimic the models. They took turns playing with my c***..licking and kinda sucking my c***..and with me licking and rubbing their young p******...we were still young at knowing what to do.  We saw some lesbian pics so they started mimicking them. The first time I saw them in a 69 I got so hard !I remember like it was yesterday.  Finally we got our chance to watch one of the many videos my brother had. We got naked put the video in and pressed play. We were nervous and excited not knowing what to expect. Scene starts with pizza delivery guy and a girl who doesn't have the money to pay...ya I know old school p*** lol...girl in the video starts sucking his c*** and us 3 were like ohhh that's what you're supposed to do...they start sucking my c*** like champs...the video goes on and we try everything but f****** I mean we tried with no success..they both said it hurt when I was trying to stick my c*** into their young tight p******.... eventually we started f****** ...them 2 would lick and finger each other all the time... and it kept getting better every time we f*****... I'm 42 now Lina is 44 and Lana is 40 ....and 3 times  a year the 3 of us still get together and f*** each other for hours at a low key motel...this was a short version of my experience.... no one in our family knows about us except one other  family member... would you like to know who?

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