A very strange story indeed

I had just graduated college and I was the only child. My parents wanted to raise a girl so they adopted a little baby with curly blond hair and blue eyes. She was cute to look at but was strange in many ways. For one thing she never cried and seldom smiled. Don't worry this is not a story of child abuse. I hate pedophiles with an earnest deadly passion.

Ok time passes and the child grows to be five. When I visit I try to bond with her as older brother and sister but when she's in my lap instead of having a conversation she bores into me. She says very little and I wonder what's wrong with her. I give her piggy back rides and I read to her but she seems uninterested in anything I do except when I hug her. She seems to like that but it is odd how when she was in my lap she bored into me staying almost motionless.

MY parent took her to a psychologist but the doctor can't get much out of her either. A strange almost silent little girl.

In school she has trouble communicating although she learns to read quickly and makes ok grades. She is uninterested in her fellow classmates.

More time passes and she opens up a little. She begins to notice boys but it is hard for her to attract a boy because of her silent and odd behavior.

She graduates high school and she goes to college and believe it or not she graduates.

We find out she has had s** with dozens of boys and she gets pregnant. She has the baby and she puts the child up for adoption.

I took her aside and I find out that even in grammar school she had s** of a sort with the boys. She was considered a creep by her fellow students and was widely disliked. She came out and told me that she would have s** with me If I had asked her.

I suggested she go back to a psychiatrist which she did. They did a brain scan and they found an anomaly. Something is overactive while at the same time something is underactive. No cure no treatments.

My parents are stuck with this girl. She was apparently brain damaged from birth.

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