Oh the tangled web we weave

I have been dating one of my friends ex's (T) for a while, Out of respect I asked him, He consented to it and told us it was fine. We have had a few up's and downs but a week ago we were at a party and I went into the bathroom, My GF's cousin (C) was sitting on the side of the tub looking sad, I asked if she was ok and she said "No", I sat beside her and left the door open and she started telling me how she thought me and her should be together and how T doesn't treat me right and that she had cheated on me with my friend (Her ex).
I said "Oh?" and she told me she had walked in on T and my friend (Her ex) when she had heard noises and got out of bed (They share a basement suite) and she caught her and my friend getting down on the couch. Well...She doesn't know but I sanctioned it when we were all out at the bar and she wanted to leave, We got in a bit of an arguement because she was trying to get me to leave (She was all horned up) and I didn't want to so I told her to go home with my friend, At first she was mad then she started saying "yeah...I'll do it...Don't think I won't...If you don't want this he will". It was funny, My friend was like "whao, Hey, WTF...Don't drag me into this", I told him "Go dude, take her home and get her off my case, You guys have already been together and couldn't make it work so she's not going to leave me for you and you've already F'ed her so...Go", He was like "serious?", I said "yeah", She said "I will...Don't think I wont", I said "Then go already" and she drug him out of the bar.
I truly didn't care, I went home after the bar and she came in a little while later, When she went to crawl into bed I said "Go shower", She did and everything was fine, I never brought it up, She never brought it up and it was all good. Back to the party, As the night wore on I got a bit drunker, C was getting tipsy and T was drunk and dancing and whatnot. I went outside for some fresh air and was in the backyard, C showed up and was coming on strong, T is a tallish redhead with long legs, small b**** and a slim build, C is more average built with bigger b**** and curly sandy blonde hair and a great bum. C was rubbing up on me and I ended up gettin a b******* from a topless C and thinking it would all be our little secret, Well we got busted and T freaked out, We left the party and went home, She was mad but kept going on about she didn't know why I felt the need to go elsewhere for it when she always wants it.
I don't know if she felt she had something to prove but as we laid in bed she crawled on top and rocked my world, I went beast mode on her p**** and she begged me to come in her mouth, After I collapsed in a heap she went straight to trying to get me hard again and almost begged me to f*** her all night, I told her twice was my limit...Obviously refering to the fact I came once with her and once with C and then I rolled over and went to sleep. she stayed at my place pretty much full time the next three days and never wore a stitch of clothes, She bent over in front of me and begged me to nail her every chance she could...And I did.
She was back and forth between my place and hers for a few days and I had recieved a few texts from C in that time, T had seen one of them come in and she looked at me and said "What are you guys talking about?", I showed her the texts and the fact I hadn't responded, She was quiet for a bit and then said "If you need to get it out of your system then f*** her", I said "huh?", She said "I'm serious, Just don't sneak around, I can't do that, If it's gonna happen I would rather know and preferably...I don't know...Be there", OK sooooo every gear in my brain screeched to a halt and I stared at her, Her big blue yes staring back at me and I said "What?", She said "I am just saying that if you are gonna do it I would rather not have any sneaking around and lying and cheating, Just tell me and we will figure it out", So now I am sitting there looking at her in shorts and a tank top, Nips hard as diamonds and I can't find the words I need.
I said "Soooo" and she said "Just say it", I said "Ok....I want to....F*** C", She gulped down a big lump in her throat and croaked "See, Good, So now what?", I said "Well you said you would rather a three way so?" and she was like "Oh, Uh, That's not quite what I...Uh, Hmmm", I asked what she did mean and she said "well, I don't really know I just meant that I didn't want any sneaking around and lying, I don't have the patience for that", fearing that I was losing her on this one I said "Well, Lets go to your place and see if she is even serious", She said "Uhhh, Ok". We drove over there and she was nervous the whole way, We went inside and C was sitting on the couch on her phone, She looked up at us and bit her lip, T looked at me and I reached out, She took my hand and I led her to the couch, I sat her down beside C and dropped my pants, C's eyes almost popped out of her head and she looked at T, T motioned toward my c*** and C grabbed my shaft and started stroking as she leaned forward, She was watching T out of the corner of her eye and opened her mouth, I was waiting for T to flip one of her long, sexy legs up and kick C in the face but she just kept looking at us and looking away as C started sucking my c***, I could tell C wasn't wearing a bra and reached down, Pulled her shirt up and she lifted her arms, she was watching T still out of the corner of her eyes and covering her b**** but I put her arm down so T could see them, She was still looking around the room and glancing back at us off and on.
I reached out and T took my hand, i pulled her closer to C and she just locked eyes with me and wouldn't look at C and what she was doing, I slid my hand in T's shirt and pinched her little pokies and she just glared at me. I stepped back pulling my c*** out of C's mouth as she slurped and took both girls by their hands, Led them to the bedroom and laid both on the bed, C was happy to and T laid Down with her arms crossed and looked the other way. I whipped off C's shorts and went down on her while running my hands up and down T's legs, She had them clamped tight together and wouldn't let me play with her, i spread C's legs and got on top of her. I caught T looking down between us as C reached down with both hands stroking me and basically trying to pull me into her, C was panting like a dog and I let her pull me forward, She moaned "Oh f*** yeah".
I was doing her nice and slow and she was begging for me to go harder, I slid my hand up T's shirt and under her arms even though she was trying to hold them down, i was nailing C and playing with T's nips and I could tell T was starting to loosen up a bit and then she just sat up and took off her top. I tried to get the two of them to touch or kiss or something but other than a quick touch before pulling thir hands away they weren't into that. I sat up on my knees and T did sit up propping herself up on her hands so she could watch, I told her to come closer and she got on her knees, T was watching me slide in and out of C and C was saying she was about to come, I told T "Pull her nips while she comes", she shook her head no and I said "Do it", I could tell she didn't want to but T grabbed her cousins nipps and squeezed them pulling them softly, I said "harder" and she did, I said "Harder, make her come", C started coming and moaning loudly as T pulled her nips stretching them which at that point i think had become a little bit of revenge for T, C came and moaned "ohhh f*** yeah" and T kept stretching C's nips, C came and said "Ok, Stop, Stop, Stop", T pulled a bit harder and C said "oww please stop, you're hurting me", T let go and I pulled out, I came all over C's stomach and I grabbed T's hand, Slid it up C's stomach and used T's hand to slather my j*** all over C's b****.
I pushed T on the bed and whipped her shorts off, She said "No, No, No" and I already had my d*** in her, I slid all the way in and she moaned "Oh god you're hard", I pounded T and C laid there watching looking sad, i put my hand on the back of C's head and pulle dher head to T's little hard nip, C sucked it and T came fast, like 5 minutes, I came on the side of C's face and T's tiny little b*** and then C wiped her face and laid down, I flopped down between them and we all just laid there for a bit until T got up and got dressed, went to her room and I looked at C and she said "I will f*** you every night, I just want you, don't go".
I got up and went to T's room, She was just laying in bed, I snuggled up behind her and went to sleep, The next morning I woke up and C was in the kitchen in her t shirt and shorts, I bent her over the table and nailed her then later T sucked me off on the couch in front of C, That night I went to bed with T and C came in and we had a roound two, I got C off then me and T finished together. I know this won't last long but I am gonna ride it out as long as I can.

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