Ex boyfriends humiliation

I caught my boyfriend kissing some girl with his hand down her pants a few weeks ago and beat his ass right in front of her and told him we were over .A few days later he started texting me but I ignored him.a week or so after that he just showed up at my house crying and begging me to take him back. I had found another boyfriend already but and I knew that he didnt know so I figured why not have some fun with him one last time so I let him come up to my room. Carl begged and pleaded with me to forgive him saying he would do anything I wanted if I forgave him and took him back. We had a lot of fun together and did a lot of crazy s*** and he told me every one of his sick nasty fantasies .We had some fun doing alot together ,he let me dress him up in my skirte and heels and I did his hair and makeup and made him look so slutty. Going out for walks was a lot of fun especially when I told him I was going to take him to the mall so all his friends could see him all dressed up .The closer we got the more excited he became but he said he couldnt do it because he was terrified that I would leave him there in the mall for everyone to see .I told him he would meet so many guys walking home and he turned and ran home. Well he kept saying that he would do anything to get me back so I decided to see if he could really do anything. I started by saying how much I missed him and was thinking about getting back together .I talked about how much fun I had dressing him up like a girl and taking his sissy ass out for walks .When I asked him if he was ready to show me how serious he was about getting me back and he didnt even stop and think about it and said YES I will do anything you want ,,no matter what. I smiled and said ok,,I want to dress you up like a s*** ,makeup high heels and all and you have to walk to the mall with me . You have to go to the food court and sit at a table with me so we can talk about our future together. He got quiet and turned bright red and told me that he couldnt do that ,,it would be too humiliating so I told him get out then,,good bye b**** .He looked at me for a second then he quietly said that he would do that .I made him beg me to turn him into a girl so we could go to the mall together and look at boys . He said it so fast I couldnt believe my ears and without making him he repeated him self.I told him to shower and shave so his body was hairless and when he got out I had the perfect slutty outfit for the b**** to wear at the mall.It took less than an hour to get him dressed ip and then do hair and makeup and off to the mall we went. I lost track of the time bus was pleased to see that it was barely six o clock ,and was nice and sunny out so lots of people were out side to see us walking like two girls to the mall.The closer we got the more nervous he became so I started telling him that we were going to have so much fun and there wouldnt hardly be anyone there especially our friends from school,and what ever else I could think of to get his courage up . He really thought I wanted to get back together and he wanted it so bad he didnt think about being surrounded by all those people in the mall dressed up like a girl .His only thought was me saying I wanted to be his girlfriend.He never even noticed that I had been texting non stop since we left the house ,,I told all my friends and told them to text everyone that might know the sissy and tell them he was fixing to be inside the mall and was dressed in girls clothes . I managed to get him inside then had to get creative to get him as close to the food court as possible before someone spotted him and had to run a bit but got him there .I told him to sit tight ,I was going to get something to drink and id be right back.I walked off and circled around and stood off to the side as several of his friends walked up to him laughing and teasing him . I left the sissy there all by her self for everyone to see that he is a sissy who likes to wear girls clothes. I went over to his best friend Dannys house,,he is my new boyfriend and told him everything and even showed him pictures then He f***** my brains out

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