My friends brother

Me and my really good friend are 15 years old and we hang out just about every day. Her brother is 19 and he's really attractive. Me and him have almost hooked up once before this. And besides that I had been secretly doing things with her 23 year old cousin for a long time because he does also live in the house and he too is really attractive. As bad as this all sounds it gets worse because the 23 year old lives in the house with his girlfriend and his kid. But The other day when I slept over I had fallen asleep with my other really close friend on her couches. At about 3 in the morning her brother and his friend came home and woke us up. Somehow we all decided to go smoke together. While we were smoking her brother texted me asking if I remembered the time over the summer when we almost did hook up. Then he asked me if I still wanted him like that and I told him yes cause I do. After we got back I'm the house me and him went to his room and yeah we did it. But I was really high. So I didn't care he didn't use a condom.

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