Sex addiction is back to stay and I went out

I’m a sex addict. I had it beat in the past but now it’s back and it’s likely here to stay. This has caused a lot of issues in my private life as well as my everyday life. I’m single thankfully because you cannot be one and not have sex.

You can’t have your girlfriend with you 24/7. The urges as that’s what the addiction are as a whole need to be fed. They just come and come and come as I do in several girls and women. Never stops. 

Sometimes it’s so much it literally hurts.others, the psychological turmoil of it all almost drives me to suicide. Been there often. That nearby black hole begging for me to jump in it permanently. I’m getting closer. I this beat after my 20s. It then popped up briefly in my 30s, then gone again. I had a few good relationships. Likely never again. 

Truth is it never goes away. It just lies dormant like Lyme disease. Nothing I’ve tried can combat it now and I’m not a young man anymore. Of course, with how I am acting I get no complaints I might as well be.  

1 0 216 17 October, 2022

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