All my friends hate me just like I hate myself

I feel so bad about myself. I hate my skin but I’ve done so many things to try to fix it and nothing I ever try works. I’m so tired of it and I cried in the car on the way to school because of it. I just want to be pretty like all of the other girls around me who have perfect skin and a perfect body and perfect clothes and perfect hair and they’re all good at their hobbies and know what they’re doing and they have so much confidence. I want to not have to cover my face in makeup making my skin worse. I want to not have to have my boyfriend ask if I’m wearing makeup every time we see each other because I have to wear so much makeup to feel good about myself now, and it doesn’t even work most of the time. I’m tired of having to do my hair every day and looking like an ugly rat or a 6 year old kid because I can’t wake up in time to actually curl my hair and look my best in the morning. I hate the lady who made my hair like this because I can never put it down and it’s such an inconvenience for me. I’m tired of wearing clothes I hate and looking at everyone else feel good about what they’re wearing and getting compliments. I don’t remember the last time I got a compliment. I know compliments aren’t everything, but also I know compliments are nice and they would probably help my self confidence. I want to have a perfect body and not have to worry about covering myself or having my stomach sticking out or slouching. I’m tired of feeling *******'s stupid eyes judging me every time she’s facing me or even around. I can’t make a mistake around her. I can’t do anything around her without feeling guilty and like I’m doing something wrong. I’m tired of being dumb and not getting good grades. Maybe this is why everyone hates me and I have no friends. I can’t do anything right and I can’t ever help them or be there for them. Even when I’m doing something I’m good at there will always be so many people who are better at it than me.

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 15 February, 2023
Start loving yourself first and put yourself first never bother about someone judgment.Then see the changes

Being able to express oneself or ask questions without fear of judgment or consequences can be highly liberating. Feelbait is the place to go if you want to express yourself without being constrained by your identification.

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