50 Cent & Unanswered Prayers

I was paying attention to 50 Cents feed (not yours xyz vain & my 20 year celebrity stalker) because he helped us with our charity event last year. Which had absolutely nothing to do with you. However, I do think you and Les have a thing, why else would she hunt me down and try to get to know me if she was not an ex lover of yours. Jealous, or territorial? Although you are immature, ungenerous and unapologetic as f-. And you do owe me an apology for stealing from me and being mentally abusive. Once you committed adultry with Alex, sucked the Islamic, took it up the ass from Sean and he still married another woman, the dream was done. Not to mention, your v***** has more miles on it than a 18 wheeler full of used Serta mattresses. Thankful for unanswered prayers, because I thought you hung the moon when I was young. Now the only thing that hangs is your extremely worn out l****...lol...just gross. I am the best thing you never had.......and never will. Cringing at the thought of all the unreciprocated time I wasted caring for and supporting your selfish ungrateful mean ass.

1 0 182 03 August, 2022

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