When you quit looking.

I just read a confession from a hapless fellow that was inundated with married women that wanted his services, but alas, no single women were knocking on his door proposing marriage. He was afraid his biological clock was ticking down and he may never produce offspring of his own that he could raise.

This is my advice to him.
Resign yourself to pleasing the married ladies and be proud that you are providing a service they all need. When you make them happy, they won’t nag their husbands and the world will be a better place.
Just as soon as you really start to enjoy your position in life, I guarantee you’ll be flooded with single women that want you for their mate and they’ll demand you give up your life of pleasure.
You’ll pick one, settle down, and not too far in the future, some nice caring young fellow that listens to your wife’s complaints will be banging that little bit ch and sending her home with his DNA packed inside her.

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